Player Accuses Electronic Arts of Deleting Their Account Containing Hundreds of Games

A very angry user on Reddit is accusing Electronic Arts of deleting their account containing hundreds of games they've had for years. According to their post, which we have a snippet of here for you to read, the player in question woke up one day to find their account completely deleted. When they hit up customer service, there was no case number or even proof the account existed, if not for the player keeping all their receipts over the years proving they had thousands of dollars spent on games that were now just gone.

Player Accuses Electronic Arts of Deleting Their Account Containing Hundreds of Games

I am a veteran playing Battlefield since 2002 and using origin since launch.

Just two weeks back I wasn't able to login to my Origin Account (with Battlefield 5 Pre-ordered). I contacted EA Help and they are telling there there is no trace of my ID. I provided them my transaction IDs, Order IDs, Game Keys, But they are telling that they have no info. In fact they don't even know what happened. EA Help mercilessly disconnected the conversation with vague explanations.

My account has games worth thousands of Dollars which includes BF1942, BF1 Premium, BFBC2, BF3 premium, BF4 Premium, BF5 (pre-ordered), Unravel 1, Unravel 2, TitalFall 2, Battlefront 1, FIFA 18, etc.

I even went to call them but they said they can't do anything and don't know anything. Everything gone! but more surprising is EA is not even telling me what happened. They told me it's not their responsibility.

At the time we're writing this post, it's still entirely unclear as to what the hell happened. EA is making it sound like the player allowed others to use their account and someone deleted it willingly. The player is saying they've been a pretty loyal customer and haven't shared or tampered with anything that would allow that kind of access. But it does make any player a bit nervous as to what may happen with their accounts down the road.

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