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Electronic Arts Reveals EA Play Live Features Happening In July
In total, the company has five that spread across multiple areas of what EA Games, DICE, Respawn Entertainment, EA Sports, BioWare, and more have got going on That said, not every game people are hoping for is going to be revealed during these events, much like everyone didn't get what they wanted out of E3[...]
Electronic Arts Announces Their E3 2019 Stream Schedule
Something really cool but also kinda weird to find out at the end of the year is what EA Games has been patenting Something new that caught the eyes of a few people this week is that the company filed a patent back in 2018 called Game Quality-Centric Matchmaking For Online Gaming, which is essentially[...]
Auto Draft
Whether or not this was a choice by EA Games or not is currently up for debate, as Venture Beat pointed out this morning that the game was leaked on Xbox's official store Technically the game had been leaked once before a while back on, ironically enough, the PlayStation Network as Star Wars: Project Maverick[...]