Pokémon GO Datamine Suggests Pumpkaboo For Halloween 2021

While no details have been confirmed about what Pokémon will be released for Pokémon GO's annual Halloween Event, it is all but certain that Phantump will be released. This popular Generation Six Ghost/Grass-type Pokémon is featured on the current loading screen, which may not be Niantic confirming its release in writing, but it's close enough. What this upcoming release has many wondering, though, is what about Pumpkaboo? Pumpkaboo is another Kalos-region Ghost/Grass-type Pokémon which is seen as a pair with Phantump. While Niantic hasn't given any official hints, a new datamine into the game's code suggests that there may indeed be a Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge. Let's get into the details.

Pokémon GO's new possible release, Pumpkaboo. Credit: TPCI
Pokémon GO's new possible release, Pumpkaboo. Credit: TPCI

Here's some of what the PokeMiners found that suggests an imminent Pumpkaboo arrival:

+RESOURCE ID: hal_pumpkaboo_2021_collection_challenge
+TEXT: Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge

+RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_special_pumpkaboo
+TEXT: Catch {0} Pumpkaboo

Other details of the datamine suggest that we're going to get a split Halloween Event, sort of like how the Y half of the Luminous Legends event was a two-parter. The text reads:

+RESOURCE ID: halloween_event_name_1
+TEXT: Halloween: Part 1 +RESOURCE ID: halloween_event_name_2
+TEXT: Halloween: Part 2

Then, finally, we have confirmation that we will get another chance to catch Galarian Yamask in Pokémon GO with the event's main Special Research. It goes like this:

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_hallow_2021_1_6
+TEXT: What must it feel like to carry around a mask of your former self? I wish the best for Yamask all over.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_hallow_2021_1_7
+TEXT: Did you know there is also a form of Yamask that was originally discovered in the Galar region?

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_hallow_2021_1_8
+TEXT: Maybe you might encounter it while you're out researching more Ghost-type Pokémon.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_hallow_2021_1_9
+TEXT: I wonder what all of differences are between the two kinds of Yamask? Let's go find out!

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_hallow_2021_2_0
+TEXT: Wow, a Galarian Yamask!

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_hallow_2021_2_1
+TEXT: As opposed to Unovan Yamask, it actually doesn't carry a mask.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_hallow_2021_2_2
+TEXT: Instead, a clay slab with cursed engravings took possession of a Yamask and it is said the slab absorbs the Yamask's dark power. Spooky!

Personally, I find this to be a major relief. I'm big on the idea of building a living Dex in Pokémon GO and was disappointed to only get one Galarian Yamask last year. I didn't want to evolve it knowing that I'd miss having the pre-evolution. Now, living dex collectors like myself will be able to enjoy having both Galarian Yamask and Runerigus.

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