Pokémon GO Event Review: Halloween 2021 Event Part Two

The two-part Halloween 2021 event is now wrapping up in Pokémon GO. After the first part of the event disappointed, let's take a look at what the second part offered and if the most anticipated event of the year can still be redeemed.

Halloween 2021 event graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Halloween 2021 event graphic in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What worked in this Pokémon GO event

  • Pumpkaboo and Phantump: The release of these two new Ghost-type Pokémon went a long way to make this event actually feel more like a Halloween celebration. I still think that Niantic could've done more to give the event a spooky feel, with their failure to start during nighttime a major misstep, but these two releases at least pushed the event in the right direction.
  • Size mechanic: The new size mechanic made hunting Pumpkaboo a lot more fun and interesting. Hopefully, more Pokémon will be featured in the Pokémon GO with different sizes in the Dex like Pumpkaboo.
  • Continued costumes: I was happy to see all of the costumed Pokémon featured in Part One still spawning with great frequency into Part Two. This remained the major hunt of the event.
  • More ghosts: Overall, a greater variety of Ghost-types made this a stronger second half.
  • Mega Absol: While Mega Raids have their problems, with most of those problems coming down to a lack of player interest making these difficult to coordinate, Absol was a great choice for the event.

What didn't work in this Pokémon GO event

  • Lack of a Spiritomb feature: The same issue with Part One plagued Part Two. Spiritomb is only featured as an October-exclusive, hyper rare Pokéstop task. It should have remained a staple of the event.
  • Lacking raids: Halloween Mischief Drifblim was the only raid worth doing during Part One and the same remained true for Part Two. Why they didn't feature the costumed Pokémon from previous years is something I cannot fathom.
  • Uneventful Special Research: Part One had a lot of Special Research that felt thin and uneventful compared to previous years. I was hoping we'd see another quest to give us more to do during Part Two, but all we got was an excessively easy Collection Challenge and a single page of the ongoing Misunderstood Mischief Special Research.


While 2021 will still be remembered as the year Pokémon GO had a lacking Halloween event, Part Two ended up redeeming some of Part One's failures.

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