Pokémon GO Event Review: Oshawott Community Day

Yesterday was Oshawott Community Day in Pokémon GO. Let's see if this lived up to the hype expected for a Starter Pokémon-focused Community Day.

Oshawott in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Oshawott in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What worked for this Pokémon GO event

  • Oshawott!: A Starter Pokémon is always a win for Community Day. These used to be guaranteed releases every other month for Community Day back in the days when the pattern was starter/rare/starter/rare/starter/rare. Those days are long gone, now, which is overall understandable due to the face that they'd run out of Pokémon but still a bit of a bummer. The good aspect, though, is that this change to the structure of this monthly event makes Starter Community Days that much more exciting.
  • Two attacks, kind of: Normally, a Pokémon gets one special new attack on Community Day with a few exceptions here and there. Niantic must have felt generous this time around because not only does Oshawott's evolution of Samurott get its expected Community Day exclusive move of Hydro Cannon, but now the move Razor Shell has been added to its move pool.
  • The $1 USD ticketed research: These continue to offer a good number of items that make it worth the price of admission. The Rocket Radar is the biggest hit of the ticket, but overall these low-cost tickets slightly but noticeably enhance the day's experience. They could be better, but they could definitely be worse. For example, the Community Day box? To me, huge ripoff. This, though, adds up in the end.
  • The Bonus: XP! This used to be a pretty dry bonus but December 2020's reveal of Levels 41 – 50 and the implication that more levels will come in the future has made XP once again the single most valuable grindable resource in the game.

What didn't work for this Pokémon GO event

  • The Community Day Box: Not once have I felt that this offered a useful set of items. It seems very much like these are designed as a way to sell Elite TMs with some fluff, and it's just not good enough to make it worth it.


This is the kind of Community Day that made us fall in love with this monthly event, Pokémon GO!

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