Pokémon GO Now Offers Increased Pokéballs To Trainers

Recently, Niantic has reintroduced in Pokémon GO the features that are (lovingly?) referred to as the "pandemic bonuses" by the popular mobile game's fanbase. These bonuses include buffed Incense that yields at least one Pokémon spawn per minute no matter if the trainer is moving or not, Buddy Pokémon automatically retrieving gifts more often, and more. What didn't return to the game, though, was the increased amount of Pokéballs available from gifts… seemingly, until now. Here are all the details on Niantic's plan to offer increased Pokéballs to trainers.

Screenshot from Pokémon GO Pokéball announcement video. Credit: Niantic
Screenshot from Pokémon GO Pokéball announcement video. Credit: Niantic

On the official Pokémon GO Twitter, Niantic posted a video that seems to be heavily promoting a boost to the amount of Pokéballs trainers can get. In addition to this video, which featured a city lit up by radiantly glowing Pokéstops, they wrote:

Even more Poké Balls are coming to PokéStops near you! Trainers, a huge delivery of Poké Balls are coming to Pokémon GO! Keep an eye on your Gifts and local PokéStops for some sweet Poké Ball deliveries – you're gonna need them!

The video ends with a cutaway to the newly added Generation Six Pokémon from the Kalos region. While this is clearly a Kalos-region promo, it is significant that Niantic is continuing to adjust the game to the ever-changing global situation. In fact, they were recently recognized by the App Store, which rewarded them with "Trend of the Year: Reinventing Play" for their efforts to keep Pokémon GO as a premiere gaming experience in a world where it's harder to interact with others and impossible to explore the globe. The App Store account tweeted:

When we needed to stay indoors, Pokémon GO stayed in with us. Exciting, innovative updates gave gamers new reasons to play at home. Congratulations to @PokemonGoApp for winning Trend of the Year: Reinventing Play! #Bestof2020

Remember that December Recap Community Day is coming, fellow trainers, so get out there and take advantage of these boosted Pokéballs while they're here.

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