Prey Teases New DLC That Might Take Place on the Moon


Bethesda's official Twitter account for Prey teased what just might be a DLC pack set on the moon. The tweet in question has a short video pan of the moon with some glitching, and a comment reading "Do we really know what's out there?" The Prey account has been rather active for a game that released in May of last year and has had no DLC since.

Now, because the teaser showed up the same day that Bethesda announced their E3 show, it is possible that a Prey DLC expansion will be one of their major announcements at the show, much like Dishonored: Death of the Outsider was last year. This plan would fall nicely in line with Bethesda's dedication to single-player games, despite the decrease in profits. So releasing a large expansion for Prey would make sense.

If it wasn't for the fact that Prey had an absolutely abominable release last year, being both a critical and commercial flop thanks to some massive PC problems and an incredible amount of exploits that allowed players to get through the game in an incredibly short amount of time. Yes, six-minute speed-runs for what should be a 40-something hour single-player story experience. That's not the greatest foundation. But Prey could have been a great game. There was a pretty immersive story told in the small details, and the setting and plot are actually pretty compelling. So a DLC expansion set on the moon would actually be pretty fun.

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