PSVR Title Moss Gets a Cute New Trailer and Very Close Release Date

PlayStation VR's next big title, Moss has just revealed it's release date and it is coming very soon.


I remember Moss's reveal at the most recent E3 as part of the VR segment. Of all the games shown for the device, it is the one that has stuck with me most. A little mouse (who is handy with a blade) going on a sweet adventure while you help him seems like a lovely little bit of VR to enjoy. For a system that could definitely use some bigger new games, the arrival of Moss is one that should be a nice treat for holders of the tech.

That aforementioned arrival isn't too far away either. It's next week in fact, as developer Polyarc has come out and announced that the title will launch February 26, 2018. We don't usually get games coming in so hot from the announcement of their release date, but this is a nice surprise. In just over a week, players will get to make friends with a mouse pal. Lovely.

To celebrate the announcement, a launch trailer has been put out. It shows you how you'll be interacting with the environment to help Quill out and keep progression rolling. You can check it out here.

New things to play on the PSVR is always good. The system has been lacking a big new adventure to get lost in for a little bit so to see Moss come in and fill that void is great. Here's hoping it meets its potential here, as this looks like it could be very good indeed.