Respawn Entertainment Celebrates Their Tenth Anniversary

Respawn Entertainment is celebrating a milestone this month as the company has reached its tenth anniversary. The company posted a nice little blog penned by company head Vince Zampella as well as a video marking the occasion. We have the video below, as well as part of that blog, which you can read in full here. Congrats to the company for making it one decade as they look to more years of making video games.

Respawn Entertainment turned ten years old this week.
Respawn Entertainment turned ten years old this week.

10 years, wow can you believe it? Time really does feel like you've got a jump drive attached to your back when you're having fun and that's what we've been doing here since we started. We founded Respawn on values that centered around rallying behind new ideas, diverse thinking and creating innovative games, which have been key reasons for our success. It's been incredible to watch Respawn and the talented group of people continue to grow, from the initial first-person multiplayer shooter team to something that is so much more today. Our growth underscores our desire to innovate and challenge convention having created award-winning single player campaigns, a massive, fun and free battle royale game with unique characters and story delivered through a robust live service, and even an immersive VR experience coming later this year.

If last year is any testament, we plan to continue delivering great new games for our fans to enjoy for years to come. 2019 was one of the most memorable yet, starting with the launch of Apex Legends in February through to the reveal of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond and the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Of course, we can't forget Titanfall, which is near and dear to everyone here at Respawn, as it's the franchise that really helped put the studio on the map and show the world the caliber of games that we want to make. Steve Fukuda and team were instrumental in bringing that series to life.

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