[REVIEW] The Respawn RSP-3010 Gaming Desk is Nearly Perfect

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Respawn's RSP-3000 series is marketed boasting ergonomic comfort, a design with adjustable accessories, and premium building materials. The RSP-3010 is the top-of-the-line gaming desk by Respawn and it absolutely exemplifies those marketing taglines. The design is sleek, simple, and pretty damn sturdy.

The ergonomic design gives you back-mounter, adjustable monitor shelves to let you place your monitor at the desired eye-level and give you more desktop space at the same time. This is ideal for most gamers, unless you're like me and super, super short. I rarely need monitor shelves to keep screens at eye level, being a whole 5'0" tall, however I was able to make the desk work by dropping the desktop to its lowest point, which is 33.5" off the ground. The top height for the desk base is 49.5" which means you can absolutely use the RSP-3000 series desks as standing desks.

Although using a standing desk while gaming is absolutely weird, even for someone who routinely attends gaming trade shows with similar setups.

Possibly the weirdest inclusion for the RSP-3000 series is the built-in cupholder. While it works great with a thermos or bottle of water, I tend to use actual glasses while in the comfort of my own home, and putting a glass tumbler in the built-in cupholder is a bit of a dodgy proposition. The glass will fit, but good luck getting that out without spilling anything. However, that's a relatively minor personal gripe with the desk and I got by just fine using the cupholder for alternate purposes. The headphone storage is incredibly helpful, and the speaker-mounts are nothing to sneeze at either.

credit// Respawn

Respawn markets the desk as capable of supporting 200-pounds of weight, and the steel tube framing absolutely supports that amount of weight. The rest of the desk is made out of "manufactured" wood, which is relatively scratch resistant.

Assembly of the desk is remarkably simple, as it only takes fourteen steps to piece the RSP-3010. While the instructions are a bit Ikea level, as they come without any description, at no point was I stumped and swearing about the difficulty of building it, so it passes the "am I an idiot" test for assembly. At no point in my life have I been a professional at building furniture, so there are no problems on that front.

While the desk comes in several colors, the only difference between them are the accent marks on the edges. All of the desks are primarily black with only small color details. But that means it isn't too obviously a gaming desk, and will fit better with a variety of other furniture.

The desk does have one major flaw, however, which is the lack of space for your tower. Granted, there's no easy way to make space for a massive gaming computer tower on any reasonably sized desk, but having to resign the tower to the floor or the top of a conveniently located piece of furniture just seems like a bit of an oversight. After all, it is a gaming desk.

That said, the RSP-3010 is fully equipped to house your entire gaming setup, other than tower space. I have no real complaints about it and because the RSP-3010 retails for $340.99 USD it's at a pretty reasonable price-point. Similar, non-gaming standing desks retail for anything between $141.99 to $595.00 USD. Though, given the features of the RSP-3010, it's a far better bargain than even the cheapest height-adjustable computer desk.

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