Rocket League Tournament is in Beta for PC Players

Rocket League Tournament is in Beta for PC Players

The Rocket League Tournaments beta is now live for PC players on Steam. The beta will run until Friday, February 23rd at 5 p.m. PT and allows players to create their own tournaments and join others created by their fellow players. The beta is only open to players who already own a copy of Rocket League on Steam, and it will have limited functionality compared to the full release of Tournaments mode.

Full details, as well as instructions for accessing the beta, are available on the Rocket League site. But the basics are pretty easy to figure out.

To access the beta:

  • Go to your Steam Library on your computer and right-click Rocket League
  • Choose 'Properties,'
  • Click the 'BETAS' tab in the pop-up window
  • Select 'Tournaments Beta' from the drop-down list
  • After closing the pop-up window, your Steam client will update Rocket League to the beta.
  • If you don't see the Tournaments Beta option under the 'BETAS' tab at the start time, try restarting Steam or your PC after the beta begins.

Psyonix encourages participating players to report any issues or feedback on the game's subreddit, and some crashing and stability issues have already been noted. The dev team also recommends players back up their save data if they plan to switch back and forth between the Tournament Beta and the main game. They also warn that some settings may not cross over between the beta version of the game and the current live edition.

Tournament functionality was announced earlier this month, and Psyonix is bringing a DC Super Heroes DLC pack to the game March 5th.

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