Roll20 & Start Playing Games Host One & Fun Learn To Play Events

Roll20 has partnered up with Start Playing Games to host their One & Fun Learn To Play events featuring several titles. The two sides kicked off a partnership when they did a month-long even for Roll20's Burn Bright game system, and so it only made sense to revisit that as they have been working on events ever since. The most recent is the One & Fun series, which is running until the last game takes place on March 6th, 2022. This system will allow you to join a session where you essentially learn to play for all sorts of systems, each one of them designed to be played in a single session. These are games that are set up to be th perfect companion piece or break from the action for in-between sessions, or for building your world prior to a campaign if you see fit for a Session 0.

Roll20 & Start Playing Games Host One & Fun Learn To Play Events
Credit: Roll20

This is actually a pretty cool system they've created where you can get in some actual training on how to run a session if you've never done this before. So those who are new to running TTRPG's are basically getting a lesson with pros using their software and whatnot. Those who don't take advantage of this before it goes away are going to be missing out on some in-depth knowledge and just a night of fun. As far as the game selection goes, they have a pretty decent array to choose from, all of them costing no more than $10-15 a piece. Meaning you can snag two or three for the price you might normally pay for a bigger named title, which is a bargain. Those looking to take part in it can go to this link to sign up, and you can check out the complete list of games and information here.

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