Rumor: FIFA 19 Will Add UEFA Champions and Europa League

Rumor: FIFA 19 Will Add UEFA Champions and Europa League


According to a report on n1ntendo (translated by ResetEra), EA may be adding the UEFA Champions League and Europa League licenses to FIFA 19. The rumor comes from translated footage of a Dutch football commentator Evert ten Napel, who said during the finals of a Dutch FIFA tournament that EA will be adding the two licenses in the next iteration of their football simulator.

From ResetEra:

Citation in Dutch:

Translation in English:

You can listen to Napel's commentary here, though it is in Dutch.
While EA has always had the lion's share of licenses for its football video game, both the UEFA Champions and Europa League licenses were previously held by Konami for Pro Evolution Soccer. So either EA and Konami came to some agreement with UEFA, or Konami has dropped the UEFA license from PES 2019.
Official word is still mum on this, though we have reached out to both EA and Konami for comment. We will update you as we hear back.
Otherwise, it looks like we'll just have to wait for E3 to find out.

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