Sakura Arms, Level 99's New Game, On Kickstarter October 27th

Level 99 Games, the tabletop gaming company responsible for EXCEED Fighting System and Pixel Tactics, is putting their next upcoming game, entitled Sakura Arms, onto Kickstarter on October 27th. This game is popular in Japan, where it is currently produced by its creators, BakaFire Party.

A selection of a few of the megami goddesses players can play as in Sakura Arms, Level99 Games' newest upcoming tabletop game.
A selection of a few of the Megami goddesses players can play as in Sakura Arms, Level 99 Games' newest upcoming tabletop game.

According to Level 99's official website for Sakura Arms, the asymmetrical gameplay revolves around the movement of Sakura Tokens, which denote range, defensive capabilities, and offensive capabilities of the players' goddess characters, also known collectively as Megami.

The press release states the following:

Designed by respected indie graphic artist known under the pseudonym BakaFire, Sakura Arms' beautifully designed artwork complements an impressive gameplay experience that allows for escapism into alternate realities as one of eighteen Japanese goddesses, also known as a Megami. Perfect for the game night host, tabletop game enthusiasts, and classic Japanophiles alike, Sakura Arms will be translated into English for its debut in the North American market, allowing residents to enjoy the worldwide phenomenon with a full understanding of the characters, complexities, and strategies of the game. During a period where people are spending even more time at home surrounded by family than ever before, Sakura Arms' availability comes at the perfect time for those looking to reduce exposure to screen time and engage in a social activity that is both easy to learn and challenging to master.
Sakura Arms is set to begin its Kickstarter campaign on October 27th and, once funded, will begin shipping in 2021.
Have you played any of Level 99's games before? Were they fun to play? You can find our review of part of the EXCEED Fighting System here. Let us know what you think of Level 99 Games, and the prospect of this new game, in the comments below!

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