Sea Of Thieves Developers Talk About The NPC Interactions

A bit of an interesting video was released today by Rare and the developers on the Sea Of Thieves official YouTube channel, as Director Mike Chapman and Software Engineer Topher Winward discuss the NPC dialogue system within the game. If you have at all played the alpha or beta versions of the game, then you know that while the NPCs who talk to you are kind of stationary and have some key elements to what they say, you may notice that all of them look different from each other. In other words, you're not running into the same shopkeeper wearing a shade of purple so you know he's the shopkeeper on every island that has one. That's because every character has their own backstory and specialized dialogue that hasn't fully been implemented into the test runs.

The video is actually kinda of interesting to listen to as far as making an interactive environment in a video game, but the key thing to keep in mind while you're listening to it is that the crew behind this game have made an entire universe of characters that we have yet to be exposed to. That's a pretty cool thing to look forward to!

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