Secretlab Reveals Three New League Of Legends Lumbar Pillows

Secretlab revealed a brand new item this week in partnership with Riot Games as they now have three League Of Legends lumbar pillows. Those of you looking for a little extra back support while sitting in a gaming chair have an option that looks like one of three characters from the game. Specifically, you get to choose from Tibbers, Teemo, and Yummi. All of them have been designed the same as far as the pillow is concerned, but they all have their own special designs on the fabric, as you can see from the image below. Along with a fourth design that has been out for a while that simply has Poro snacking on a blue background. If you're looking to get one of these, they'll run you $59 before shipping and handling. Here's some added info on all three designs.

Secretlab Reveals Three New League Of Legends Lumbar Pillows
Credit: Secretlab

Tibbers Edition Lumbar Pillow: With Tibbers by your side, you'll be safe as you wander through the dark forests of Noxus. Featuring dense, premium memory foam that molds perfectly to the shape of your lower back, the Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow League of Legends Tibbers Edition is as plush and cuddly as Annie's favorite teddy bear. Take down the toughest opponents in the Rift with the help of this fiery shadow bear. Get 'em, Tibbers!

Teemo Edition Lumbar Pillow: Scout the world in comfort with the Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow League of Legends Teemo Edition, inspired by the most dedicated yordle scout Bandle City has ever known — it'll back you up in the field as you take down the enemy Nexus with Teemo's ruthless efficiency.

Yuumi Edition Lumbar Pillow: Yuumi knows a lot about staying comfortable. Born to a life of leisure, Yuumi enjoys catnaps and fresh fish. You might even get some support from Yuumi's magical powers of protection as you comfortably defend your turrets and Nexus!

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