Shadow Arena Is Coming To Consoles With A New Character

Pearl Abyss has revealed that Shadow Arena is coming to consoles and bringing with it a new playable hero to the mix. The devs are currently developing the game for both PS4 and Xbox One, with the plan to release it later this year. No word yet if a PS5 or Xbox Series X build is on the way, though. The devs have also added a new hero to the mix as Gorgath becomes the 12th playable character. The character is an alchemist who uses the power of Earth to summon rocks for brutal offensive attacks. They can also set up a rock-solid defense against enemies, and utilize a mix of ranged attacks including hurling boulders. They also have close-range AOE attacks, in case you like to get more up close and personal. We have a few more details on them below from the devs along with some other improvements made to the game.

Shadow Arena Is Coming To Consoles With A New Character
Credit: Pearl Abyss

Tier Structure Revamp 

– Player Tiers were revamped for the Beta Season Round 2.

> Tier Points will be updated based on the results at the end of each game and will determine if a promotion/demotion match takes place for changes in Tier.

> A player can qualify for a promotion match to a higher Tier when they reach 100 points,

> If a player's Tier Points reaches 0, a tier demotion will occur.

> After the start of each round, the results of the first 5 games will determine which Tier placement a player receives.

New Hero 'Gorgath' 

– Gorgath, a new Hero, was added.

> Gorgath is a Hero that summons rock and boulders to take control of an area.

– Added Titles for achieving Gorgath's Mastery levels.

> Gorgath Rookie

> Gorgath Expert

> Gorgath Master

– Added a new item "Energy Recovery Potion" which can be obtained by using the skill Forbidden Alchemy (4).

Energy Recovery Potion: Fully recover stamina over 0.5 seconds.

Shadow Arena Clan 

– Added a Clan Flag teleport feature.

> The Clan Flag can only be summoned in the Sparring Grounds by the Clan Master. It can be summoned with a button and allows fellow clan members to instantly teleport to the flag's location.

> The Summon Clan Flag ability has a cooldown of 10 minutes.

> Clan members can instantly teleport to the flag's location with the P button.

– Added a UI to the Clan window where you can view your clan members' current Tiers.

– Added the ability to use the Clan Chat feature in a game.

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