Sogetsu Kazama Officially Joins "Samurai Shodown"

Another DLC character has officially been added to Samurai Shodown this week as Sogetsu Kazama has been thrown into the fray. The character can now be downloaded in North America today and will be available on April 2nd in Europe for all three major consoles. Sogetsu originally appeared in Samurai Shodown IV as one of the co-protagonists for the game, along with Kazuki Kazama. Since then he's been a somewhat regular fixture of the franchise. This version of him is being portrayed by voice actor Yoshiaki Hasegawa. Here's a bit of his backstory for those of you who need to catch up on him and what he can do.

Samurai Shodown Sogetsu Kazama
Credit: SNK

The tranquil embrace of the Seiryuu. Due to his cold and decisive demeanor, there has never been a task he was unable to see through to the end. Past his stoic expression lies a man who cares deeply about his younger brother and sister—willing to drop everything just to make sure they're safe from danger. His astute hydrokinetic power traps foes and delivers them to a watery grave.

If you're into water attacks melded with teleportation, this is the character for you. A bit slower than some, but he packs more of a punch than others. Shgetsu joins Mina Majikina and Iroha, along with a yet-to-be-named character as part of the Season 2 DLC set. You can download him as an individual character for just $6, or you can get him in the Season Two Pass with the others for $14 on PS4 and $20 on Xbox One and Switch. No word yet on when that last DLC character will be revealed, as we suspect it would have been a part of an upcoming event like DreamHack. So for now, enjoy the new character. You can check out his official trailer below in case you want to see before you buy.

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