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Nintendo Switch Online Adds Three New NES & SNES Titles For July 2022
The three games you're getting are Kirby's Avalanche and Fighter's History for the SNES, and Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia for the NES Starting with Kirby's Avalanche, this is a dro-down puzzler that was primarily made for Western markets and is basically the first time you see Kirby speak words in any game Which[...]
Dragon Warrior - Unopened NES Copy Auctioning At Heritage Auction
Prospective bidders will only have up until Tuesday, July 5th, to place a bid on this wonderful and iconic video game. The front face of the graded copy of Dragon Warrior, a game for the NES Currently available at auction on Heritage Auctions' website. If you've ever played a game in the main Dragon Quest franchise, you'll[...]
Dragon Warrior For NES Up On The Auction Block At ComicConnect
ComicConnect, a premier collectibles marketplace and online auction house based in New York, NY, has put a rare, WATA 8.0 A+ graded copy of Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System up for auction! This vintage NES game is one of the first of its genre, boasting an impressive story and (at the time) extremely[...]
Graded Copy Of Dragon Warrior For NES Auctioning At Comic Connect
Prospective bidders have until 6:08 Central Time (or 7:08 PM Eastern Time) on Monday, June 21st, to place a bid on this wondrous video game. The front of the box for the graded copy of Dragon Warrior for the NES Currently available on auction at ComicConnect's website. According to the description of the listing for this game[...]
Dr. Mario Graded NES Game Up For Auction At Comic Connect
Mario NES Graded Copy Credit Comic Connect Bid Now, Dr Mario Must Insist "A Seal Rating; First-party H-Seam; Rev-A; Oval SOQ R; Large Warranty w/Mexico; 9 Digit ZIP(USA Code); 3 Screw Cart Artist: Larry Jost; Music composed by Hirokazu Tanaka; Produced by Gunpei Yoki; Designed by Takahiro Harada; First game in the "Dr Mario" Series[...]
TMNT NES Game On Auction At Heritage Auctions
The TMNT NES game that was released in 1989 remains one of the hardest games I have ever attempted to play It took me years and years to finally beat the damn water level As I got older, I broke many a controller on that level That is not to say I didn't spend hours[...]
Captain America NES Game With White Vision, On Auction At Heritage
Captain America and the Avengers was an NES game released in 1991, and it was not a very good game Let me rephrase that, THIS port of the game was no good Other versions were plenty of fun, especially the arcade game, but this version never stacked up for me As a collector and Captain[...]
Four Retro Action Titles Are Coming To Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo revealed this evening that four more games are coming to the NES and SNES libraries of Nintendo Switch Online Three of those games go into the SNES library which will be Psycho Dream, DOOMSDAY WARRIOR, and Prehistorik Man, while the NES is getting Fire 'n Ice Two of them being action titles with a[...]
TMNT 3: Manhattan Project NES Game On Auction At Heritage
Released towards the end of the NES lifespan, this was tough to find back in the day and has always commanded a high price as a cartridge Now on auction on Heritage Auctions, part of Dallas Lot #7234, is a sealed copy, graded 85 by Wata I don't have to tell my fellow TMNT fans[...]
LEGO Super Mario Rep-Order
They managed to turn Mario himself into an NES controller that operates based on the movement and positioning of the character As you can see int he link below, they make him move by tilting him backward and forward, run by holding down on the forward tilt, and jumping bu raising the character up They[...]
Battletoads Is Getting An Legacy Edition & Vinyl Soundtrack
The original Tradewest title for the NES, now under the Rare umbrella, is getting a glorious return to cartridge form with an entry into the Legacy Cartridge Collection Much like games that have come before it, you're getting everything from a special foil box to a custom dist cover to special artwork and inserts to[...]
WATA 7.5-Graded Dragon Warrior Game On Auction At ComicConnect
This game is presently on auction at ComicConnect! CIB; Box: 7.0; Cart: 8.5; Manual: 8.0; 1 HP variant; Includes maps & adventure guide; See extended comments. Music composed by Koichi Sugiyama; Designed by Yuji Horii; 1st game in the "Dragon Warrior" series (Dragon Quest media franchise in Japan) Box – Rev-A; Oval SOQ TM; Small Warranty; 9-Digit ZIP;[...]
LEGO Announces Buildable NES System That Plays Super Mario Bros!
This is a whole new way of interactive collectibles and LEGO has nailed it. Rebuilding an NES is one thing but LEGO going fans the ability to play a build a scrolling version of Super Mario is a whole other thing This is a very unique way to connect with your childhood From the replica controller[...]
New NES and SNES games are headed to Nintendo Switch Online.
It's the Wild West, after all. Credit: Nintendo Panel de Pon is the Japanese release of Tetris Attack, and it originally launched in 1995 However, there was never a translated version of this particular iteration, because it received a reskinning for Japanese audiences that never got an official English release before now. Operation Logic Bomb is about Agent[...]