Sony Reveals The PlayStation Plus Collection During The PS5 Showcase

It looks like Sony will be giving those who invested in the PlayStation Plus system some relief with the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5. In what looks like it will most likely be a subscription deal, it appears the company will be offering up everything that ever appeared on PS+ up to the fans so they don't lose all of the games they essentially got for cheap by being monthly subscribers to the service. Right now, in order to access these games, you have to be a member of the service and at least activate them on your account. You don't have to download right away, which is the bonus to the system as you can download one and play it to the end, then just remove it from your storage and download a new one to take its place.

PlayStation Plus Collection is coming to the PS5, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
PlayStation Plus Collection is coming to the PS5, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

While the collection looks mighty impressive in the trailer below, it should be noted that none of the games appear to have been upgraded or enhanced for the PS5. So if you're looking forward to seeing some greatly remastered version of these games with incredible graphics beyond what you experienced on the PS4, you're probably in for a letdown. That being said, there is a nice benefit to having all of these games easily accessible as they currently are for members on the new console, so at least you're not having to drag your entire library over through q storage device. Although let's be honest, the number of games being offered through the PlayStation Plus Collection will make you run for a couple TBs of added storage on the side, just in case.

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