Square Enix Debuts New IP During Livestream with The Quiet Man

Among the many trailers Square Enix showed off during their E3 livestream, they threw in a few new IP announcements, including one for a game called The Quiet Man. In what looked like it was going to be a teaser for the upcoming Avengers game they've been working on, we started with a shot of New York City and a hooded figure. But the minute the trailer switched to a deaf man beating up a couple of thugs in an alleyway, we knew we had something new on our hands.

Square Enix Debuts New IP During Livestream with The Quiet Man
credit//Square Enix

Based off what little we can get from this trailer, it looks like this will be one of those games where one person's loss of a primary sense heightens the others. So basically, it's like we're looking at a version of Daredevil that wasn't hit with some kind of weird toxin and can see perfectly as he cleans up his own section of New York City. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to tackle the game at E3 this year and see what kind of mechanics the game has and what makes this particular hero so special beyond the loss of hearing. But for now, enjoy the official E3 trailer.

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