Square Enix Reveals Outriders Post-Campaign Content With Expeditions

Square Enix and People Can Fly revealed the post-campaign content that will come to Outriders with Expeditions. During the fourth installment of their broadcast series about the game, which you can check out below, the company revealed two major contributions to the game. First, they showed off more of the Tehcnomancer and how that character's skills will play into the game. But second, they revealed that after you're done completing the campaign (which it sounds like they admit will be 40 hours total), you will be able to compete in bonus missions called Expeditions. According to the devs, these will challenge even the most accomplished players in the game and actually push you to your limits to see just how skilled you are.

Expeditions are going to be some of the heaviest challenges you and your crew will face. Courtesy of Square Enix.
Expeditions are going to be some of the heaviest challenges you and your crew will face. Courtesy of Square Enix.

You will have to battle through a series of "tough-as-nails missions" to unlock the most powerful equipment in the game, which will help you move onto harder trials and, most likely, aid you in whatever future DLC content they will unleash in the game. You can check out all the videos released this past week about the new additions to the game, along with this brief quote about the content itself as we wait for the game to be released in February 2021.

"Expeditions expand on the story of the Outriders campaign and features the toughest challenges in the game. They're meant to be played with a team of skilled and coordinated Outriders," said Bartek Kmita, Creative Director of Outriders at People Can Fly. "Powerful equipment and efficient character builds, along with true skill and mastery over your class, are necessary to succeed and reach the highest levels of Expeditions."

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