Star Trek: Bridge Crew Allows VR Gamers To Boldly Go Where TV Viewers Went Fifty Years Ago, Two Months Late


Cutting edge virtual reality technology is set to bring cutting edge 1960s special effects technology back to life in Star Trek: Bridge Crew, an upcoming virtual reality game coming out for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation 4 VR. The game allows 1-4 players to explore a stunning HD recreation of the set from the classic 1996 series that was originally broadcast to television sets that weight 1000 pounds, had a screen the size of a walnut, and resolution of three and a half pixels. As if that weren't dazzling enough, the game will feature an "Ongoing Voyages" mode where infinite randomized missions will be generated to take place in the single room of the spaceship.

The bridge of the USS Aegis, otherwise known as that ship no one plays Bridge Crew as now that they can play as the Enterprise.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew was originally scheduled to hit stores in March, and was meant to only have the bridge of a new ship designed for the game, the USS Aegis, but the addition of the Enterprise and its crew was added this week and the release date pushed back to May 30, which really might as well be June. You're not fooling anyone, Ubisoft.

Pre-order Star Trek: Bridge Crew on Steam.

h/t Cnet

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