Krafton Reveals New Visual Assets For The Bird That Drinks Tears Game

Krafton Inc. released new visual assets this past week, showing off more of their untitled game based on The Bird That Drinks Tears. The team revealed the project last year as they intend to develop a brand new game based on the novel, but the team wasn't entirely clear about what direction they would be taking things, even after they released the artwork you see here a few months ago. This time around, we now have a concept of what they intend to do as we got a Visual Concept Trailer, which they are dubbing "The Nhaga Eater."

The trailer is absolutely stunning as we see a warrior slice the head off a victim in the woods. However, we don't have a clear indication as to why they are doing this or what the person he is killing did to earn such a gruesome death. Enjoy the trailer below as we now patiently wait for the team to come around and tell us what the game will be called at some point.

Krafton Reveals New Visual Assets For The Bird That Drinks Tears Game
Credit: Krafton Inc.

In addition to the untitled game project, the visualization project is positioned to guide the aesthetic and tonal directions of various multimedia projects based on The Bird That Drinks Tears, including a graphic novel and motion picture. The visual concept trailer was created using Unreal Engine 5 and highlights the mystical tone Krafton is aiming for with entertainment projects based on The Bird That Drinks Tears. The world and character designs seen in the trailer are based on vivid concept art created by Iain McCaig, the renowned Hollywood talent known for his work on franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel. Since 2021, Krafton's Team Windless has worked closely with Iain McCaig on visualizing the world and characters of the novel. The final product of that collaboration will be published as an artbook later in 2022. Additionally, a graphic novel based on The Bird That Drinks Tears will be released in 2023.

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