Steamforged Announces Elden Ring: The Board Game

Steamforged Games has announced a new partnership with Bandai Namco to create a tabletop title in Elden Ring: The Board Game. Much like previous titles based on video game IP's, the team will be working to bring all of the style, chaos, and brutal battles from the Soulslike title over to a board game as they will feature several creatures and enemies from the 2022 title as challenges for you to overcome with your own warrior. At the moment, they haven't revealed a lot about the game beyond the fact that at some point, they will be launching a Kickstarter to help get it funded. This means, at best, we're not seeing this game until probably late 2023. Here's some additional info from the announcement as we now wait for the crowdfunding to begin.

Steamforged Announces Elder Ring: The Board Game
Credit: Steamforged

Elden Ring's adventure in the vast and seamless world of the Lands Between have gripped video gamers and wowed reviewers since its release in February this year, with sales surpassing 16.6 million worldwide. Steamforged Games have a well-established record of faithfully adapting video games into unforgettable tabletop experiences, and Elden Ring will continue in this tradition.

Like the video game, the Elden Ring board game will immerse players in the forsaken Lands Between. In a vast, sprawling world of decaying grandeur that unfolds through their exploration, 1-4 'Tarnished' players will embark on a huge and varied adventure, visiting iconic locations and crossing paths with familiar enemies and characters.

The video game's characteristically challenging fights will be recreated by intelligent dice-free combat, requiring players to strategise and adapt their plans during each encounter — whether that be a lowly Godrick Soldier or the Grafted King himself. Steamforged will launch the Elden Ring board game on Kickstarter, with the date to be announced soon. More details will be shared in the lead-up to the launch.

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