SubROV: Underwater Discoveries Comes To Early Access In December

Indie developer and publisher sqr3lab announced today that SubROV: Underwater Discoveries will be released for Early Access in December. The team will officially release the game on December 2nd, providing a base version of the game with a lot to do, but it will still be Early Access in that it's not the complete game as they continue to work on it. You can see the latest trailer down below.

SubROV: Underwater Discoveries,
Credit: sqr3lab

"SubROV: Underwater Discoveries is an accessible simulation game where you learn to operate a submarine ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and embark on dives the world around. You will chart unknown regions, sample hydrothermal vents, find shipwrecks and study aquatic species along the water column. You are in complete control of every aspect of the dive that you embark on, from navigating an oceanic research vessel to deploying and operating a full-ocean-depth rated ROV equipped with an array of advanced tools. Begin as a trainee and earn your certificate to become a full-fledged pilot and take on a series of contracts to explore and discover the many fascinating sights and mysteries of the deep ocean."

  • Sim-ply Submarining: Take control of an oceanographic vessel, complete with a full-ocean-depth rated ROV, and an array of advanced tools including sonar, AI-assisted scanner, articulated arm, temperature sensors, landers, sediment corers, and other scientific equipment.
  • Choose Your Own Ocean Adventure: Every dive tells a story. Each dive has loose objectives, but you're always able to explore freely to your heart's content
  • Ocean Master(y): The ocean is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered! Rendezvous with ocean buoys and download scientific data and information on new points of interest. Build up your findings gallery, gain experience from completing objectives, and climb your way up the ranks from trainee to Dive Master!
  • Creatures of the DeepFrom black corals to glass sponges, chimaeras to sperm whales, there are dozens of aquatic life forms to encounter and study! Each one is accurately modeled — with many being brought to a videogame for the first time ever — to make the diving experience as true to life as possible.

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