Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Stars in Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Stars in Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

The newest trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ features Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.

This is Vegeta in his original SSGSS form, or Super Saiyan Blue, demonstrating his incredible destructive power.

If you've been out of the DBZ loop for a while, you may be sitting there thinking "what the hell is Super Saiyan Blue?" And for that, we have your answer. Super Saiyan Blue (超サイヤ人ブルー, Sūpā Saiya-jin Burū), was originally known as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (超スーパーサイヤ人じんゴッド超スーパーサイヤ人じん, Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo Sūpā Saiya-jin), and is a super saiyan upgrade that uses the power of a Super Saiyan God. This form can be accessed by absorbing the powers of god, activating them and then transforming into a Super Saiyan, or through vigorous ki control training with a deity with godly ki and then obtaining that Godly ki for oneself, as Vegeta did in the Super anime. This form absolutely surpasses its predecessor, Super Saiyan God. And, uh, it looks like the original Super Saiyan mode — but with blue hair dye thrown in for kicks.

That said, Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rose is considered a more powerful transformation. Because he is a god. Go figure.

Still, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta looks like he'll be something of a living nightmare to go up against. Unless you're Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

You can check out the latest trailer below. Dragon Ball FighterZ releases in North America on January 26th.

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