Tekken 7 Director Goes On Twitter Rant About Offending People

Usually, when we see people post rants on Twitter, they're gone in a couple of hours after someone alerts the writer of how it looks. Not so much in the case of Tekken 7 director Katsuhiro Harada, who has a habit of speaking his mind on social media and not caring too much about how it affects people. Today, Twitter is abuzz about a series of posts Harada made in which he basically rants about how he's tired of not trying to offend people. Here's a short series of posts he made after someone asked if he could make a Nordic-themed fighter for the game.

To be quite honest, we kinda agree with the guy, as it seems gamers find an endless supply of things to complain about in a game and can't just let some stuff be. On the other hand, cultures change all the time and there's sure to be stuff that offends someone. It would be interesting to see that kind of character pop up in the game, if they decide to do a third round of character additions. For now, hats off to Hadara for calling out certain people in the community about always finding something to complain about.

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