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Dontnod's Twin Mirror is no longer episodic.

Latest Look At Dontnod's Twin Mirror Reveals It's No Longer Episodic

Dontnod Entertainment, the same developer that brought us Life is Strange, is hard at work on a new title called Twin Mirror It's a far cry different from the teenage drama and angst that permeated Life is Strange, but it looks like it's going to be an exciting time for fans of the studio, especially[...]

DONTNOD Entertainment Opens New Studio In Montréal

Some cool news from DONTNOD Entertainment this week the company has opened up a new studio in Montréal, Quebec The company didn't really say a lot about the studio, simply that it would be an international expansion that will allow the company to be "closer to its North American players’ community, representing the studio’s main[...]

Dontnod Entertainment Announces "Tell Me Why" At XO19

The game is currently being set for a 2020 release, but no window has been defined yet.[caption id="attachment_1118565" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Dontnod Entertainment[/caption] Tell Me Why is the latest narrative adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind the beloved franchise, Life is Strange In this intimate thriller, twins Tyler and Alyson use their special bond[...]

Life is Strange 2

"Life Is Strange 2" Physical Edition Set For February 2020 Release

Ready to head off on a new adventure? Life is Strange 2 is getting its turn at a physical release next winter, and if you want in on it, you'd better start pre-ordering soon. In February 2020, the game will be headed to retail in both Standard and Collector's editions. While European gamers get both […]

DontNod Entertainment Pushes "Twin Mirror" Back to 2020

DontNod Entertainment Pushes "Twin Mirror" Back to 2020

One of the big games missing from this year's E3 was Twin Mirror from Bandai Namco and DontNod Entertainment, and now we know why The developers made two big announcements this past week, the first being that the game will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for PC, and the second is that it's[...]

Life is Strange 2's Third Episode Will Launch in May

Square Enix has unveiled the release schedule for the remaining episodes of Life is Strange 2, with launch dates for episodes 3 through 5 spread out through the rest of 2019. Life is Strange 2 Episode 3: 'Wastelands' will hit on May 9, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC simultaneously. The official story description for Episode 3 […]

Life is Strange 2 Will See Episode Two Released in January

We'll be waiting until the new year to see the next episode of Life is Strange 2, as Episode Two has been slated for January 2019 by the developers. The developers posted a notice on the game's Steam page, explaining the situation and their desire to create the best game possible rather than rushing the experience. […]

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 Proves Video Games Can Tell Deep Stories

[rwp_box_recap id="0"] DONTNOD Entertainment returns to Life is Strange with a bang Literally The first episode of Life is Strage 2 opens with a scene that is the terrifying reality for a number of Americans Two teens get into a physical fight in their front yards in suburban Washington State One teen goes after the other's younger brother[...]


Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr Optioned for TV Series

It's been announced that Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr has been picked up by Fox21, with the show being directed by McG.When playing through Vampyr, which I fell in love with, the game's world really did feel like something akin to a TV show The way it revealed itself and the structure of the whole thing seemed perfect[...]

Dontnod Entertainment Reveals Life Is Strange 2 Teaser Trailer

The crew over at Dontnod Entertainment have released a brand new teaser trailer today revealing when Life Is Strange 2 will be launching In a very brief trailer, we get to see a backpack be stitched together as the words slowly form on the back of it, much like the raveling and unraveling of time[...]


Life is Strange Developers Announce Captain Spirit at E3

DONTNOD Entertainment and Square Enix have announced a new game set in the universe of Life is Strange, called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit The game is something of a spin-off to Life is Strange, but not in a direct way After all, Captain Spirit's protagonist Chris was never seen in the previous Life is Strange games.Essentially, the game[...]

Here's 55 Minutes of Gameplay from Vampyr

Vampyr, the upcoming narrative-driven RPG from DONTNOD Entertainment, will release on June 5th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Today, DONTNOD have released almost an hour of uncut gameplay footage along with commentary from last week's developer stream.The gameplay is taken from around six hours into the game's story and shows off several of[...]

Life is Strange Comic Continues Story from One of the Endings

The comicbook tie-in to Dontnod Entertainment's episodic mystery series Life is Strange will take a side in the on-going debate of which ending is the proper, canon ending for the game, as it picks up the story after one of the endings While this does deal with the two endings of the game, and it has[...]


Vampyr is Getting a 4-Part Web Series Before Launch

Focus Home Interactive and DONTNOD Entertainment have announced DONTNOD Presents Vampyr, which is an original weekly four-part web series The web series is something like a behind-the-scenes feature that delves into the the studio’s approach to bringing the RPG to life.In each five-minute episode, viewers get to peek into DONTNOD's Parisian studio to check out some[...]

Life Is Strange image

Life is Strange is Coming to iOS on Thursday

Life is Strange is a special game. The longer the title has sat with me, the more I like it. Despite some foibles, it's a story that is really heartfelt and if you haven't tried it out yet, you definitely should check it out. You will be able to play it on the go soon too, […]

Life Is Strange new characters

The Original Voice Actors Are Coming Back to Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

The original Life is Strange voice actors will be making it into the sequel, but probably not how you'd like. Since the voice actor's strike ended in September — a strike that mostly served to inform the game industry as a whole that the conditions actors work under are terrible at best — the original cast can […]

Life Is Strange new characters

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode Two Will Be Available Next Week

The second episode of Deck Nine's Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, "Brave New World," will be available on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The series serves as a prequel to Dontnod's Life is Strange series, focusing on Chloe and Rachel's friendship before the original series takes off. The second episode will feature a […]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Has Partnered With Indie-Folk Band Daughter

Square Enix has announced that the original musical score for Life is Strange: Before The Storm will feature music by British indie-folk band Daughter. The original music score entitled "Music From Before The Storm" will be released via Glassnote Records/4AD on September 1, 2017. The game features all the tracks on Music from Before the Storm […]