The Black Orcs Return To Blood Bowl 3 In Latest Trailer

Nacon has released a new trailer for Blood Bowl 3 in which we see the return of the fearsome and vicious Black Orcs. Fans of the previous entries are well aware of the problems these creatures bring to the field as they are more or less the muscle of the team and have no problem stomping the competition into the ground. Even if it's just because you're there and in the way. The latest trailer, which you can check out down at the bottom, shows Cyanide Studio bringing the legendary creatures back into the fold as they show you how to best utilize them against runners, quarterbacks, and other mayhem-inducing creatures on both offense and defense. Regardless of what you may think of them on either side of the ball, you can't deny they are a required force if you wanna get anything done. Blood Bowl 3 will be released sometime this August for all three major consoles and PC, including next-gen platforms.

Hey, buddy! See the guy in red? Stomp the guy in red! All the time! Courtesy of Nacon.
Hey, buddy! See the guy in red? Stomp the guy in red! All the time! Courtesy of Nacon.

Tired of the amateur performance of the other Greenskins, the Black Orcs have decided to create their own teams. Forget about passing, dodging and speed: above all, the Black Orcs are shining examples of how methodically and brutally grind opposing players into the dirt. Lining up next to a Troll, whose extraordinary wild strength is only equalled by its striking stupidity, and Goblins that carry the ball and flood the pitch, the Orcs' favorite tactic involves reaching the end zone by viciously crushing any opponents foolish enough to try to bar their way!  As violent as they are powerful, the Black Orcs are a formidable race in Blood Bowl 3. Additional videos will be released soon to highlight more teams, showing their strengths, weaknesses and the strategies they use in the game.

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