The Black Temple Is Now Available To Play In World Of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard Entertainment is continuing the Burning Crusade content in World Of Warcraft Classic as players can now head to The Black Temple. One of the first major hurdles for a lot of players, some have claimed this was their make-or-break moment in the game as it somewhat defined whether players would come back or not. Keep in mind, this is the early days of WoW where paying a subscription to just constantly get beat came with the consequences or deciding it wasn't worth the loss of money. How will you fair this time around? You can read more about what to expect below.

The Black Temple Is Now Available To Play In
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Claiming the Black Temple as his fortress, Illidan Stormrage builds his army of fel warriors in a lust for power. The time has come to infiltrate the Black Temple and face the Betrayer in World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic! Defeat the Betrayer himself—Illidan Stormrage—atop the Black Temple.

Raid bosses: 9 (High Warlord Naj'entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Gurtogg Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz, The Illidari Council, Illidan Stormrage)
Level: 70
Location: The Black Temple, Shadowmoon Valley

Players must be attuned to enter the instance. Read about the attunement process below. Improve your standing with the Ashtongue Deathsworn to earn rewards from Okuno inside the Black Temple.

Epic Gems

  • Epic gem Jewelcrating Designs will be available from Indormi in the Caverns of Time
  • Epic gems can be obtained from Battle for Mount Hyjal through mining (requires 375 mining skill), and as rare drops from Black Temple

Netherwing daily quest hub

  1. Earn Netherwing reputation through daily quests in Shadowmoon Valley
  2. Collect Netherwing eggs to speed up reputation gains
  3. Epic Netherdrake mounts will be available to players that reach Exalted reputation (requires Artisan Riding skill)

Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep Loot

Bosses in those instances will drop one additional class set token for a total of 3

Complete the Battle for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple Attunements: 

Those who want to brave the two new raid instances must complete the required attunement quests first. The required quests must be completed once per character in World of Warcraft Classic.

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