The Blizzard Arcade Collection Adds Two New Games & Features

Blizzard Entertainment revealed today that the Blizzard Arcade Collection is getting a new update with two new games and features. The latest patch, which will be adding several new features and quality-of-life updates to upgrade the collection, will also include the addition of Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing. Both of which were hits in their own right, but now added to the collection and fully playable starting today. You can read more about these additions below.

Two more games for you to enjoy in the collection, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.
Two more games for you to enjoy in the collection, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.
The sequel to The Lost VikingsLost Vikings 2 once again finds our three heroes Erik, Baleog, and Olaf taken far from their home and thrust into a new adventure. Tapping into new abilities and joined by two new allies, the werewolf Fang and the dragon Scorch, on their quest to find their way back home, our Viking heroes must overcome challenging puzzles that put a fresh spin on the original game's design. Not a sequel, but a prequel, RPM Racing is a time capsule preserving the seed that would eventually bloom into Rock N Roll Racing. The basics are all there: isometric perspective, different cars to choose from, the ability to make modular upgrades to your vehicle, career progress save functionality, and plenty of vehicular mayhem. Check out RPM Racing to get a look at one of the very first games produced by Blizzard.
Giving you a whole new look at the development of our classic titles, the Museum now includes a Design Documents gallery. Check it out to learn more about how these games were translated from initial concepts to finished products. We've also added a new Streamer Mode for Rock N Roll Racing in the Definitive Edition and 4-player local multiplayer to the Blizzard Arcade Collection that lets you stream your gameplay with MIDI versions of the songs while still preserving the game's rocking sound.

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