The Four Formes Of Deoxys: Pokémon GO Spotlight

Defense Forme Deoxys is currently in raids in Pokémon GO after a long absence. For those who missed the first run of Deoxys releases, here is everything you need to know about this Mythical Pokémon.

Four Formes of Deoxys in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Four Formes of Deoxys in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • Deoxys comes in four Formes. Defense Forme Deoxys, Normal Forme Deoxys, Attack Forme Deoxys, and Speed Forme Deoxys. As Deoxys is classified in the Pokédex as the DNA Pokémon, notice that its Formes stand for DNA…S.
  • Deoxys was originally released in all of its Formes in EX Raids. This feature is not currently active in Pokémon GO. These were invite-only raids that were sent to trainers who participated in raids at EX-capable Gyms. Trainers would receive their invite and then would have to be at the raid at a certain time to participate. Niantic confirmed on the official Pokémon GO blog that EX raids will eventually return.
  • Each of these Formes has different stats and a different level of difficulty in raids. For example, Defense Forme Deoxys is a tankier Pokémon due to its high defense stats, so it takes a great number of trainers to defeat it.
  • Deoxys has a very brief history in standard Tier Five raids in Pokémon GO. After a long run in EX raids for all four Formes, it debuted in Tier Five raids during the Ultra Bonus Event in September 2019. The Attack Forme and the Speed Forme have not been featured in raids since. The Normal Forme was featured in Ultra Bonus 2020 and had it's Shiny released. Defense Forme has come back now for the first time since 2019.
  • Only Normal Forme Deoxys has had it's Shiny released. Due to the amount of time that has elapsed between the last feature for Deoxys' other forms, it seems as if Niantic is giving them a standard raid stint with no Shiny release before their eventual Shiny release.
  • The Shinies of each Forme are pictured above.
  • Pokémon GO players hoping to build a team of counters to take down Defense Forme Dexoys can find Bleeding Cool's raid guide right here. Best of luck!

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