The Last of Us Part II Reportedly in the Final Development Stages

Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II has been on the top of many gamers' wishlist since it was announced, and it looks like the game's release window might be coming up soon. The Last of Us Part II's Co-Director, Anythony Newman posted a list of open positions at Naughty Dog on Twitter earlier this week which indicates the game's development ready to "close out."

While this is far from a concrete answer as to when we'll see the game release, it is good news for anxious fans.

As GamesRadar points out:

That's good news for The Last of Us fans, as it sounds as though no huge Uncharted 4 style delays are impending, but it also leaves the window open for at least another year of development on the game before it finally releases. Think about how long it often takes to hire, train, and get people working on a project at any company, let alone one as busy as Naughty Dog. We could be talking several months before those new employees are actually able to help "close out" development, a process which – in itself – has a infamously flexible timeline.

As The Last of Us Part II is a PlayStation exclusive, it's likely we'll see more information on the game come from one of Sony's "State of Play" streams. After all, Sony is skipping out on hosting an E3 press conference this year.

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