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The Last of Us Part 2 could have been banned in the Middle East.
During an appearance on the Script Apart podcast, Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann revealed that the team currently has an outline of what they want The Last Of Us Part III's storyline to be like To be clear, that means they have an idea of where they want the story's start, some of the middle,[...]
Naughty Dog Condemns Fan Harassment Towards Cast & Crew
Naughty Dog has had to come out this week to condemn the harassment of the cast and crew of The Last Of Us Part II The company took to Twitter today to call out all of the fans of the game who had been harassing and even making death threats toward people who had a[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that the next State Of Play live stream will focus on The Last of Us Part II The word came down on the PlayStation Blog that the stream would take place this Wednesday and would be an extensive deep-dive into the game with more gameplay to show Here are the details[...]
Naughty Dog revealed some new story details about The Last of Us Part 2.
The Last of Us Part II is finally, officially on its way out to eager gamers around the world It's set for release in June, but if you're keen on learning as much as you possibly can about the game before its debut, you'll definitely want to check out this new trailer series from Naughty Dog. Despite[...]
The Last of Us Part 2 has gone gold.
Naughty Dog's upcoming The Last Of Us Part II has gone gold just a bit over a month before release It's now officially ready to be added to discs and sent to gamers around the world waiting to get their hands on what will inevitably become one of the studio's biggest hits – at least, if[...]
Naughty Dog Addresses Multiplayer In "The Last Of Us Part II"
If you want to play The Last Of Us Part II on the PS4, you better have an external drive or not be playing ANYTHING else In our current day and age where video games are becoming bigger and better and are turning into some of the most engaging and cinematic storytelling you've ever seen,[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
It appears as if Sony Interactive Entertainment may have figured out who leaked the plot to The Last Of Us Part II As you may recall, the game was originally delayed earlier this month due to the COVID-19 outbreak, as it seemed like poor timing to try and promote a game to be released in[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
This morning, Sony announced that they now have official release dates for The Last Of Us Part II and Ghost Of Tsushima The word came down from the PlayStation Blog, which we have the full statement below from Hermen Hulst, who is the Head of Worldwide Studios, SIE Basically, both games were thrown into the[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
If you believe the latest rumors, the storyline for The Last Of Us Part II has been leaked and comes with some interesting plot points Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog announced that they were delaying the game indefinitely Which, as you can imagine, annoyed quite a number of fans who were looking[...]
Naughty Dog's hotly-anticipated The Last of Us Part II has officially been delayed indefinitely The post-apocalyptic adventure is the latest casualty to have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to publisher Sony, who also made the "difficult decision" to delay Marvel's Iron Man VR in addition to The Last of Us Part II. The game[...]
"The Last of Us Part II" Will Be Playable For PAX East 2020 Attendees
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment If you're a fan of The Last of Us and are headed to PAX East later this month, you may want to free up your schedule a bit for a visit to the Naughty Dog booth. The official Naughty Dog Twitter account confirmed that those in attendance at PAX East 2020 in Boston,[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog will be getting extra naughty with The Last Of Us Part II, as this will be their first title to contain sexual content and nudity Most game companies don't usually throw in a ton of sexual content or visuals they know will get them an M-rating from the ESRB Mainly because they want[...]
Auto Draft
As we wait for The Last Of Us Part II to come out, some new artwork has popped up online for a canceled project that we probably should have got Agency Oddfellows is a studio that was apparently commissioned to create an animated recap of the first game On a now-deleted page, the company loaded up[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
It seems like we've been waiting forever to see The Last Of Us Part II be released, but according to the director, it will be worth the wait Sony recently ran down a list of their top games of the last decade, with The Last Of Us being their number one choice Which is an[...]