The Next Two Hearthstone Masters Tour Events Will Be Online-Only

Continuing the trend of esports events being changed due to the coronavirus, the next two Hearthstone Masters Tour events will be moved online. After Blizzard already made the call to cancel the event in Indonesia and moved it to Los Angeles for an online-only tourney, the same has been done to the next two events. So now both the Masters Tour Jönköping and the upcoming Asia-Pacific Masters Tour will take place completely online. It appears the company has figured out a way to keep everything on the up-and-up as far as judging and monitoring for cheating goes. So competition should be standard with the exception of having no crowds or being in a normal arena.

The Next Two Hearthstone Masters Tour Events Will Be Online-Only
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The company did give one glimmer of hope down the road for events to gather again, as the company will be keeping an eye on the global situation. As of right now, they are planning to get back to in-person Hearthstone events for both the Masters Tour Montreal and Masters Tour Madrid later in the year. But, of course, that all depends on how the coronavirus reacts. Here's some details for those looking to join the latter as the chance to qualify for the Masters Tour Online: Jönköping has ended.

Masters Tour Online: Asia-Pacific:

  • Win an online Masters Qualifier between April 2 and May 24 on Battlefy.
  • Finish with at least a 7-2 record at Masters Tour Los Angeles or Jönköping.
  • Place within the Top 8 of a Masters Qualifier for Masters Tour Online: Asia-Pacific 5 times.
  • Place top 16 Legend on the in-game Ladder in the months of April and May (see official Masters Qualifiers rules for details).
  • Be a Hearthstone Grandmaster.

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