The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation Hits Early Access On January 20th

We know The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation would be coming to Early Access on Steam, but now we have a proper date.

Indie developer and publisher Supercube has revealed that The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation will come to Steam's Early Access on January 20th. The game was announced for Early Access last month with no confirmed plans for arrival, but now we have it along with a new trailer showing off a little bit of the game. Enjoy the trailer below as we wait for the game to drop this Friday.

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Credit: Supercube

"In command of the crew of Io-1, players will have to overcome the cold, harsh realities of surviving in a hostile environment. Low gravity, volcanos, seismic activity, and magnetic storms will put constant pressure on your crew and their ability to survive. Carefully monitoring beacons because of sulfur wind will be critical to survival in the toxic atmosphere. Every playthrough of The Pioneers will contain different crew members selected from a pool of fifteen. Each member of the surviving crew will have different specialties, and players will have to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of each. Exploration will also be a key part of the game, with players able to experience varied biomes in search of resources to stay alive."

  • Explore – Io may be dangerous, but it is also home to beautiful, desolate landscapes. Board a rover or a flying drone and venture out to gather precious resources in the various biomes of Io. Explore the land and collect important scientific data to accomplish your mission.
  • Build – Produce materials, build modules and engineering systems, craft wearable equipment, and make food. Utilize the game's advanced health system to monitor everyone carefully to keep them alive.
  • Survive – Volcanos, seismic activity, sulfur winds, and magnetic storms will put nearly constant pressure on your crew. Anticipate and adapt. Your crew's life depends on it.
  • Manage – Start with three characters chosen randomly from a pool of 15. Adapt to their strengths and weaknesses and use everything they have at their disposal to survive.
  • Simulate – Multiple winning conditions and endings. Play again and again, take advantage of upgrades, learn the best strategies for survival, and master all of Io's unforgiving elements.

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