The Samsung Cyberpunk 2077 QLEDecode Finale Takes Place Tonight

Tonight we will see the finale of the Samsung Cyberpunk 2077 QLEDecode event as players will attempt to get a massive gaming package. Microsoft, Samsung, and CD Project Red will celebrate both the launch of the new Xbox Series X/S as well as the countdown to the video game by giving the final five elite codebreakers the chance to win multiple prizes. Those prizes include a Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077 Samsung QLED TV, Xbox Series X, a copy of Cyberpunk 2077, and a life size replica of Johnny Silverhand's cybernetic robot arm. To do so, they will attempt to break into a physical shipping container that contains the prizes, all by using robotic arms. Which they will do so live on Samsung's Twitch channel. The event will kick off at 10pm EST tonight as you can see the remaining five people (out of 11,000 entries) go for the prize. Here are some added details about the event before tonight's stream.

Who will be smart enough to break in and snag the grand prize? Courtesy of Microsoft.
Who will be smart enough to break in and snag the grand prize? Courtesy of Microsoft.

The Samsung QLEDecode Finale is the culmination of a journey that began on Oct. 26th as Cyberpunk 2077 fans started discovering a series of clues and puzzles across the internet, eventually revealing itself to be Samsung's Cyberpunk 2077 ARG / digital scavenger hunt. Tonight's QLEDecode Finale will be a real-time Twitch event like no other: part e-sports event, part CTF (Capture The Flag) and part real-world puzzle game. Streamers will watch as the final five finalists compete against time and each other to virtually infiltrate a highly-secure yet interactive container housed in a mystery location somewhere in the U.S. – with the hopes of unlocking the ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 Grand Prize. During the QLEDecode Finale, viewers will also get their chance to win additional amazing prizes, including the Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077 Samsung QLED TV, Samsung Sound Bars, Xbox Series X, and more!

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