The Secret Rare Gold Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Cosmic Eclipse Part 1

Interest in the Pokémon TCG is soaring right now, and it is leading to products new and old being cleared off shelves as soon as they arrive. While many are looking to invest in these cards for financial reasons, the core of the hobby is, has been, and will always be about the Pokémon themselves and the artwork. Let's take a look back at one of the best Pokémon TCG sets of all time: Cosmic Eclipse. Cosmic Eclipse, which was released on November 1st, 2019, closed out the Sun & Moon era as the final pre-Galar set. It featured some of the most beautiful cards of all time, including Secret Rare Character Cards featuring Pokémon with their trainers, which could be pulled in place of the reverse holo. Let's take a look at the Gold Secret Rare cards of the set, which feature a greater number than the overall set number. For example, the Giant Hearth card below is numbered 263/236.

Gold Cards of Cosmic Eclipse. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Gold Cards of Cosmic Eclipse. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Giant Hearth Trainer Stadium: In modern sets, there are generally three types of Gold Secret Rares to pull. Trainer Stadiums, Trainer Items, and, now, thanks to Sword & Shield era sets, Pokémon cards once again. Golden Pokémon cards were sorely missing during this era, which was odd considering that Sun & Moon sets ballooned the number of Secret Rares greatly from the XY era, which had few Gold Secret Rares that were mostly Pokémon. Personally, I enjoy the artwork on Gold Trainer Stadiums like this one. Trainer Items? Not so much.
  • Great Catcher Trainer Item & Island Challenge Amulet Trainer Item: Both of these are pretty when they're pulled from a pack, and the golden effect is inarguably nice. However, from a collector's perspective, these are definitely the least exciting form of Secret Rares. Those who actively compete and use the cards in decks may disagree, but when it comes down to the interest in Gold Secret Rares, that's something that the XY era has up on the Sun & Moon era without question.

Next up, our spotlight on the Pokémon TCG: Cosmic Eclipse Gold Secret Rare cards continues.

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