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'The Sims 4" Expansion Presentation at EA Play: E3 2019

The Sims is easily one of the most venerable video game franchises in gaming history, and has made developer Electronic Arts a ton of money in the nearly 20 years that the game has been out.

'The Sims 4" Expansion Presentation at EA Play: E3 2019
//Credit: Electronic Arts

The Sims 4 has already been on the market for 5 years, but EA has been dutifully keeping the expansions coming along, which has helped keep the game relevant for players.

Andrea Rene took the stage with EA's Lyndsay Pearson and Michael Duke, who brought along some big news: Island Living is the next expansion.

The trailer showed a lot of cool features, including jet-skis, dolphins, and a play feature that encourages cleaning up the beaches. Oh, and a mermaid.

'The Sims 4" Expansion Presentation at EA Play: E3 2019

Island Living will be available on June 21st on PC and Mac, and July 16th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Features for The Sims 4: Island Living include:

  • New fashions, island inspired clothing, patterns and fabric.
  • Open water game play- Sims will be able to go right out into the water, float, swim, and sport around on Aquazips.
  • Explore alcoves, live on the coast or higher up in the mountains.
  • There is an active volcano if your Sims want to live a little dangerously.
  • More fish, and corral reefs to explore
  • Sims can take on new careers, and can be conservationists that work to keep the island clean.
  • The island changes over time, and will become more lush and vibrant if your Sims take care of it.
  • Sims can work as lifeguards, or fish for a living, too.
  • The locals are friendly, and want to help out.
  • The locals also have their own culture, and the island has its own history.
  • There will be elemental spirits that react to how your Sims treat the island.
  • Sims can get in touch with different elements
  • EA consulted with Polynesian people to make sure there was cultural inclusion in game.
  • MERMAIDS. Sims will be able to become mermaids, and have special powers.
  • Architects: Lounge chairs are included, and the design of the housing is inspired by Polynesian aesthetics. Homes can be built on stilts, or have a modern feel.

Joey Graceffa made an announcement that The Sims is partnering with the It Gets Better project, which will bring Pride based clothing, fashions, and a gender-neutral bathroom option for Sims housing. Pride content will be available starting on June 18th.

Stuff Packs will include a freelance photographer career in the future!

The next game pack for The Sims 4 will be Realm of Magic!

Here's the trailer for The Sims 4: Island Living:


REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – June 8, 2019 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and Maxis™ today announced that The Sims™ 4 Island Living* Expansion Pack is coming to PC and Mac on June 21st and to Xbox One and PlayStation®4 on July 16th. Players can trade in the hustle and bustle of city life in exchange for a laid-back lifestyle on the tropical island of Sulani, where Sims can relax on the beach, enjoy water activities on a glistening ocean, become a conservationist to help keep the beaches in pristine condition and experience all of the cultural traditions this island has to offer.

"With Island Living, the development team wanted to give players the chance to escape with their Sims to a peaceful, unique paradise and truly connect with nature," said Mike Duke, Senior Producer. "This expansion will enable fans and their Sims to find their bliss, whether it is relaxing under a palm tree on the beach, befriending a mermaid along the coral reefs, or protecting the Sulani environment and ensuring that the island becomes more beautiful than ever."

The expansion pack introduces the beautiful, sun-soaked world of Sulani, where for the first time Sims can enjoy activities in the clear blue waters surrounding the island, setting sail in a peaceful canoe or going on a wild aqua zip ride alongside pods of playful dolphins that surround the island. Sims can also swim to their heart's content, build sandcastles on the shore, or kick back and relax under the sun. Sims will immerse themselves into the Sulani lifestyle by learning local folklore, tasting traditional delicacies, dressing in tropical garb or decorating their new oasis with objects inspired by the local culture.

Players can try out a new conservationist career for Sims who want to make a change in their newfound home and play with life like never before. The more Sims clean up and care for their environment, the more lush and full of explosive nature it becomes. Or Sims will take on protecting beachgoers as a lifeguard, taking on odd jobs or fishing for their next meal.

Alongside the reveal of The Sims 4 Island Living, The Sims is proud to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with a new partnership with the It Gets Better Project, a non-profit organization and global movement to provide hope and encouragement to LGBTQ+ youth. Beginning on June 18th, players will be able to access exclusive It Gets Better and pride in-game clothing in The Sims 4 on PC, as well as a variety of pride items, including a gender-neutral bathroom door in The Sims 4. Look for this content to come to consoles in July.

There will be even more new content in the coming months, including the Moschino Stuff Pack, featuring items from the real life Moschino X The Sims Capsule Collection in-game for Sims to wear, in addition to iconic Moschino fashions and a new part time job as a fashion photographer. Last but not least, players will get to experience something magical with Realm of Magic Game Pack with more details to be shared later this year.

The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack is not yet rated by the ESRB. For more information and to pre-order Island Living, please and check out the blog post here.


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