The Unreleased Hoenn Shinies In Pokémon GO – Part Four

Pokémon from the Hoenn Region began to debut in Pokémon GO in October of 2017. Now, three more generations have been added to the game (in part, at least) and many Shinies from Hoenn have been released. Let's take a look at the remaining Hoenn Shinies that have yet to be released in Pokémon GO.

Hoenn Shinies in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Hoenn Shinies in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • Cacnea, Cacturne: Cacnea and its evolution of Cacturne go an autumnal brown in their Shiny forms, and man it looks good. It also makes me want to give these Hoenn cacti some water because they look severely lacking in the hydration department.
  • Kecleon: I'll tell you this, you'll be lucky to be alive when this thing releases. What is Niantic's plan for Shiny Kecleon in Pokémon GO? If I had to guess, I'd go 2121. Elon Musk's disembodied head will be the King of Mars by the time this thing is released in the game. As is, its standard form is the only species from Hoeen, a generation that debuted in 2017, that has yet to be released. The generation has been out for more than three years now and no sign of Kecleon. Its standard form has a pink zigzag stripe across its belly, while its Shiny has a blue one. Don't hold your breath for this wait, though. It'll be a long one.
  • Corphish, Crawdaunt: A bit basic here. Corphish goes from an orange-red to an ever-so-slightly-purple red. The purple gets more prominent in Crawdaunt, which in general loses the brightness of its colors and has its blue chest replaced with purple. These two aren't bad Shinies and I like it when a presumed-to-be underwhelming Shiny Pokémon surprises me by truly popping on the screen. It's happened before. It could happen here. As is though, I find myself far more excited for the Cacnea and the Kecleon, even though the latter is hilariously far off in all likelihood.

Next up, our spotlight on the unreleased Shinies of Hoenn continues.

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