The Unreleased Unova Starter Pokémon Shinies In Pokémon GO

It looks like Niantic is switching things up in Pokémon GO. In early January 2021 as part of the Unova Week event, Shiny Snivy will be released. This is significant because Snivy will be the first starter Pokémon to ever, in the history of the game, receive its Shiny release outside of a Community Day. Could the rest of the Unova starters follow soon after? Only time will tell. Until then, let's take a peek at what all three of the Unova starters will look like when they make their debut in Pokémon GO.

Regular and Shiny versions of Unova starters in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Regular and Shiny versions of Unova starters in Pokémon GO. Credit: Nianti


Ah, Snivy, the game-changer itself. While its Shiny is the most subtle of the three species as far as a change in color palette, it's quite a nice Shiny. It avoids the autumn-themed Shinies that many Grass-type Pokémon get and, while that type of Shiny is beautiful and worked very well for Chikorita, this deeper, more bluish-green colorway sets Snivy apart.


Perhaps the best of the color changes here, Oshawott is quite the unique Shiny Pokémon. Its body loses its green tone for a terrific blue that looks directly in the middle of sky blue and periwinkle. Its nose becomes a coppery red.


Tepig Goes Sepia! That almost sounds like a title from the Pokémon anime. While this isn't the most stunning Shiny, especially in comparison to how the future Shiny Fire-type starters will look in Pokémon GO (Fennekin and Litten, in particular, have amazing Shinies), it's definitely not a bad Shiny.

Will Oshawott and Tepig see non-Community Day Shiny releases? Will Niantic host a Snivy Community Day anyway and give it Frenzy Plant, the special move that all Grass-type starters have previously gotten on their days? It seems impossible to predict Niantic's next move as they keep switching things up, but when we do know, Bleeding Cool will be here to report.

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