Tonight Is Shiny Aipom Spotlight Hour In Pokémon GO

Tonight is Aipom Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO. From 6 PM through 7 PM tonight, Tuesday, June 29th, this hand-tailed, purple primate will flood the game, responding to Incense and appearing in the wild even in normally inactive spawn points. With these tips, Pokémon GO trainers can prepare to hunt Aipom and take advantage of this week's Spotlight Hour bonus. Let's get into it.

Aipom artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company
Aipom artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company

First up, yes, Aipom can be Shiny in Pokémon GO. Completionists should note as well that Aipom has a gender variation. The male Aipom has a short tuft of hair atop its head while the female Aipom has a longer tuft. Unlike some gender variations, this is quite noticeable. Because of this, some trainers may want to aim to hunt for both the male and the female in their Shiny forms.

As far as the Spotlight Hour bonus, this week's bonus is double catch Stardust. Throw on a Star Piece or two to last the full time you'll be playing, but keep in mind that this is happening during the Bidoof Breakout. The Bidoof Breakout event brings with it increased catch XP not only for Bidoof, but for any Pokémon… including Aipom.

The odds of catching a Shiny Aipom are one in approximately 500 (it was once thought to be 450 but Silph Researchers have since updated their findings). It's not possible to increase those odds, but it is possible to increase the number of encounters you're able to experience in an hour. Utilizing the Quick Catch Method, which you can learn about here, can cut the catch animation and make your catches in Pokémon GO much more efficient even outside of Spotlight Hour.

Best of luck! To those hunting Shiny Aipom, you're looking for its purple colors to swap to bright pink. It's quite a nice Shiny. See you out there, fellow trainers.

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