Twitch Streamer Jscubby, Who Dares Suicidal Friends to Commit Suicide, Issues Apology

Twitch Streamer Jscubby, Who Dares Suicidal Friends to Commit Suicide, Issues Apology

Twitch partnered streamer and professional Fortnite player JScubby has admitted on one of his streams admitting that he has dared suicidal friends to commit suicide prior to cutting ties with them. In the same stream, he also admits to bellieving that anxiety is fake. JScubby's account of his own behavior came as a response to a question posed during a stream of Fortnite. Based on the question and other reports, it appears that several people were victimized by JScubby in this manner.

As a partnered Twitch streamer, JScubby has access to a variety of perks, including monetizing features, channel subscriptions, video transcodes, a fifteen minute broadcast delay, and cheering. Most damaging in this case, however, is the platform he was given to spout his nonsense.

JScubby's response is in the clip below that has been shared on twitter by streamer MsTeamKK who appears to know one of Scubby's victims. Since the story hit, Twitch has removed JScubby's streams due to terms of service violations after being reported for his bullying. MsTeamKK encouraged her followers to report Scubby for his behavior.

It is worth noting that, because Twitch is a worldwide platform, JScubby could be held criminally liable in certain countries for his comments alone.

About an hour ago, when Twitch took down JScubby's streaming page, he released a video on Youtube titled 'I'm Sorry.'

While you might think that video is an apology for his behavior, it is instead an apology for addressing the issue on Twitch where he was hit with terms of service violations. You can watch his non-apology below.

If all you read is the description of Scubby's apology video, it seems like he has learned a lesson.

I said some things I didn't mean and certainly don't believe on stream. It was a mistake I've learned from and won't make again. If you're going through a hard time you NEED to know you aren't alone, and people are there to listen.

But in the video itself Scubby only talks about how he should have handled a viewer's question and tries to clarify his views on the subjects of depression and anxiety. However, watching the video there are a ton of very very quick cuts that make his apology even less meaningful than it is already. Scubby does not seem to be sorry for his actions or his words, he seems only to be sorry he got caught.

Meanwhile, other Twitch partners like HaleyBaby have used their platforms to support suicide awareness as well as Twitch's new community guidelines which crack down on toxic behavior.

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