Ubisoft Officially Reveals the For Honor Starter Edition for PC

Ubisoft Officially Reveals the For Honor Starter Edition for PC

Ubisoft's incredibly exacting multiplayer combat sim For Honor is just over a year old, but if the steep full purchase price was too much for you, Ubisoft has just unveiled the PC Starter Edition of the game. Of course, because the Starter Edition is much cheaper than the full version of the game, it includes a limited amount of content, so its like an extended trial or demo version of the game.

The new edition will retail for $14.99 USD, and will grant players access to the Warden, Raider, and Kensei Vanguard Heroes. In addition to that, players will also have access to three other heroes after they choose which faction they want to align themselves with at the start of the game. So you do get six playable heroes for free, the rest you can purchase for 8,000 steel each. Or you can pick up the 50,000 steel All Heroes Bundle to recieve all the heroes in the game, naturally.

For Honor Starter Edition is available right now on both Steam and Uplay, exclusively for Windows PC. We might see a Starter Edition hit on PS4 and Xbox One the way Ubisoft has done with some of their other games like Rainbow Six Siege, but we have no official word on that just yet.

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