Angry Birds 2 Has Been Announced For The End Of The Month

The Angry Birds craze has died down a fair bit since it absolutely exploded across every mobile platform it could possibly get its hand on. The popularity of the franchise hasn't kept up to the insane demand it once commanded, but that is probably to be expected. Nothing could stay that popular for too long.

However, we might be getting a second wind soon. There is a major animated film coming soon and Rovio have now announced a new version of the game ,surprisingly called Angry Birds 2. I guess all those other games didn't count as sequels.

There is no indication yet as to what this changes about the Angry Birds formula or why it is more deserving of the '2' as opposed to the side ventures, but we will find out July 30th when the game releases.

To get you excited (?), here is a small teaser showing real life bigs and boxes on a beach. I don't know what this means honestly.