Bionik Has An Xbox Elite Controller Kit, Because You Can Never Have Enough Grip


The Xbox Elite controller is one hell of an investment as it is. Depending on your dedication to Xbox shooters, it's either a great buy, or a waste of money. For most players, the Elite is a bit of a waste. May as well snag the Quickshot mod kit from Bionik and call it a day.

But for the very, very dedicated, there is the Elite controller. Trigger locks, extra paddles, and two separate options for both thumbsticks and D-pad have made the Xbox Elite controller something that the true Xbox fanatic needs. And for those not satisfied with their expensive Xbox gamepad, Bionik has a special Elite mod kit which replaces the extra triggers and the D-pad from the Elite controller to make them even easier to use, with enhanced grip.

Because you can never have too much grip.Bionik Has An Xbox Elite Controller Kit, Because You Can Never Have Enough Grip

As much as I'm snarking about the enhanced grip, the larger size on the paddles and the increased grip really help make the paddles a useful addition and puts them in more comfortable places on your hand, especially if your fingers are on the smaller side.

The extra grippy D-pad option was not particularly my favorite, but then I tend to like it when my D-pad is an actual D-pad, so I usually go with the traditional cross, even on my regular Elite layout. But there are people who will want that extra traction, and the lip on it does certainly help you keep better control.

But if you've already shelled out the price for an Xbox Elite controller, are you really going to waste money modding it?

Yes, yes you are. Because the self-selecting group of humans who are the target audience for the Elite controller are the kind of fiddly buyers who want the absolutely perfect setup. And you know what? I don't blame them at all.

So if you've got small hands or you really, really like increased grip strength, you may want to pick up the Bionik Elite kit. I'm certainly going to be using the Bionik paddles rather than the standard Elite ones, because my tiny hands demand it.

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