Claire De Lune Is Set To Release On Steam July 12th

Indie developer and publisher Tactic Studios Inc. have revealed that they are set to release their next game, Claire de Lune, on Steam next week. This one will make old-school sci-fi fans happy as you're exploring a planet in what is essentially a first-person puzzler title. You find yourself marooned on a strange planet where you are looking for your missing daughter among the beautiful sights and sounds. Using the ship's quirky AI named Arturo, you'll be put to the test in finding everything that you'll need to make it through and survive in this hostile environment, all while trying to track down your daughter and somehow escape off this planet. You can read more about it here along with screenshots and the latest trailer.

Claire De Lune Is Set To Release On Steam July 12th
Credit: Tactic Studios Inc.

Armed with a powerful nanogun – more of a construction tool than a weapon – you'll have to generate temporary blocks to act as footholds and spawn repulsor plates to quickly traverse across the treacherous landscape. Leveraging each feature of the weapon is key to progression if you're to navigate the sheer cliff edges, hostile fauna, and bubbling acid lakes. Powered by Tactic Studios' stunning proprietary 'Immortal Engine', Claire de Lune puts players through their paces by blending traditional point-and-click adventure-style puzzles with mini-games and platforming for a layered, challenging experience.

  • Utilize the nanogun's unique abilities to solve 3D puzzle-platforming sequences.
  • Solve challenging adventure-style puzzles that simulate hacking, coding, and other technical endeavors.
  • Play through action vignettes including stealth and first-person shooter sequences.
  • Experience a humorous and touching storyline revolving around issues of failure, trust, and humanity.
  • Dialog options let you choose how you interact with Claire and your AI sidekick.
  • Uncover the mysteries of the large abandoned research facility.
  • Beautiful, custom game engine offering finely detailed exterior and interior environments.

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