Holiday Gift Guide: Which Console Should You Buy The Gamers In Your Life?

One thing that's easy to pick up for the gamer in your life (or yourself — we know some people like to treat themselves this time of year) is a new game console. No need to worry about games or accessories they may or may not have. Just solid, dependable hardware. And this year is no different than most.

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The Xbox One X is the big ticket on every console gamer's wish list this year. Microsoft's uber-Xbox One can easily be confused with the slimmed-down version of the base console, the Xbox One S. So if you're going to pick this one up in a physical retailer, you may want to make sure you over-enunciate that last "X." Otherwise, someone might be very unhappy when they pull the gift wrap off. And since the console just came out this month, you're pretty much guaranteed to make their day. You can find the best deal on the Xbox One X (as of writing) over on Amazon, though there are similar prices on Best Buy and GameStop. It will set you back a lovely $499.99 USD, so you better like your gamer a lot.


But what if your gamer hates Microsoft? You'll be able to tell because they watched the Xbox E3 conference and turned it into a drinking game, or they walk around in Sony merch, or they can't stop talking about that new Zelda game. In that case, your best bet is a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo's latest console has been in hot demand since it launched in March. However, you'll need to act fast on this one because, well, production hasn't quite picked up just yet. So if you see a Switch anywhere, get it — then worry about who you're going to give it to. If nothing else, you just got yourself the most versatile gaming console we've ever seen. Currently the best deal on the Switch can be found on Best Buy or Amazon. As long as you're shooting for just the console alone, the Switch will come in at a solid $299.99 USD.

Credit// Sony

Sony's PlayStation Pro was a hot ticket last year, but with PSVR finally taking off, its a pretty good time to upgrade your gamer's hardware. And it won't set you back anywhere near as much as the Microsoft version. You can find the best price for the PS Pro over at GameStop for $349.99 USD. Amazon has it for a bit more at $355.00 USD.

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