Mass Effect: Andromeda Probably Won't Feature Any Previous Characters From The Series

mass effectMass Effect remains one of the series I care most dearly about. It features a lot of my favourite video game characters, all with their own perks and paths unique to me.

Sadly, it seems none of the characters we know and love from the franchise will be making it back out for the newly announced Andromeda. Speaking on Twitter, senior development director Chris Wynn answered a fan's question about familiar faces coming back. Wynn confirmed that we shouldn't expect anything sadly.

Begrudgingly, I can get around on this idea. While I'd love to see a few of my favorites back, getting a whole new cast to start afresh with could be just as rewarding.

Although, it does mean my galactic romance with Garrus has been put to rest forever, which is, obviously, heartbreaking.